Dry Fasting

Dry fasting…

Fasting is one of the oldest medicines in human history. Even for animals, when they are sick, they instinctively fast. It’s also one of the anti-aging remedies. Calories restricted animals live longer.

Fasting is also one of the best approaches for mental enhancement and spiritual growth. Jesus fasted forty days and nights in the wilderness prior to his mission. Buddha fasted seven weeks under the Bodhi tree before his enlightenment.

Plato’s words are well known.

I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.


In modern days one of the popular practices could be OMAD (one meal a day), especially one meal at night a day works well.

The best OMAD should be a dry fast.

Let’s not eat and drink as long as the sun is up. During the day time, we’re in the hunting mode. Run and run seeking after food and knowledge. At night, we relax and digest it.

Fasting makes us physically active, mentally clear, and spiritually calm.

Image by laurentvalentinjospi0

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