Breathing is Magic

The earth is breathing…

Among our body functions, breathing is magic. It acts as a bridge between conscious and unconscious intentions. It is similar to heart-beating; still, breathing is different.

We’re easily affected outside-in and inside-out. If some external pressure makes us panicked, then our heart beats faster, our body gets stiff, and we breathe shallow and quick. That is outside-in. If our mental, emotional state makes us nervous, then the same thing happens inside-out. What should we do?

Can we slow down our heartbeat? No, we can’t. Can we relax our body? Probably we could. But most of the time, the more we try, the more unnatural we become. We’ve observed various strange body movements of those who are panicked and nervous.

However, breathing is magic.

You can control it. Breathe deeply and slowly. Be aware of a subtle movement of your diaphragm (not your lungs) getting slower and slower. Feel your breathing air passing into your nostrils swiftly, and out from your mouth gently. Inhale three seconds. Stop two seconds. And exhale fifteen. One breathing takes twenty seconds, three breathings one minute.

If you keep breathing this way for ten to twenty minutes, then, you would be surprised by the fact that the negativity of your mental, emotional state has diminished. If you are lucky, you can feel the earth is breathing, even the entire universe is.

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