The Pursuit of Maturity

Reflecting on our human history, the quality of life has been improving ever since. In the prehistoric era, as hunter-gatherers, humans suffered from constant starvation, illness, and warfare. Because of that, human populations remained small; we were just one of the many wild animal species. Due to the invention of agricultural technology, human life drastically … Continue reading The Pursuit of Maturity

Virtue, Mind, and Wisdom

We, humans, have experienced various sufferings throughout history from starvation to warfare to disease. Buddhism categorizes them as follows: Living (生苦, Jāti dukkha)Aging (老苦, Jarāpi dukha)Disease (病苦, Byādhipi dukkha)Death (死苦, Maraṇampi dukkha) Separating from someone we love (愛別離苦, Appiyehi dukkha)Meeting someone we don’t like (怨憎会苦, Piyehi dukkha)Can't get what we want (求不得苦, Yampiccha dukkha)Can't control … Continue reading Virtue, Mind, and Wisdom