Pray, Work, and Read

In the tradition of the Benedictine monastery, the daily activities of the monks could be these three categories. People join the monastic community primarily to devote themselves to these three. Liturgical prayerManual laborLectio Divina The liturgical prayer is the foundation of their spiritual life. With this practice, they ensure to keep and inherit the traditions … Continue reading Pray, Work, and Read

Breathing, the Third Eye

There are various kinds of meditation in Buddhism. Well-known is a sitting meditation called Zazen (座禅) in Japanese. Sitting straight, we focus on subtle movements of breathing in and out, noticing our diaphragm. Traditionally, we call this breathing technique Zuisokukan (随息観). Zui (随) means to follow. Soku (息) for breathing, and Kan (観) for observing … Continue reading Breathing, the Third Eye

The World Around Us, The Universe Beyond Us

Language is one of the essential tools for communication. And it is more for one of our critical tools to understand the world around us and the universe beyond us. Like the birth of consciousness, our language was the inception of human history. At the moment when we asked ourselves who we are, where we … Continue reading The World Around Us, The Universe Beyond Us